TOTAL FIRE BAN in effect July 11, 2024
Road Ban 24-05 in Effect July 4, 2024

Subdivision is the process of dividing one piece of land into any number of smaller parcels, as permitted by Municipal and Provincial Regulations. Alberta Land Titles issues each new parcel of land its own Lot, Block and Plan number and registered title.

Municipal planning legislation provides the density or the number of parcels, that may be subdivided from a quarter section or parcel of land. The Municipal Development Plan and the Land Use Bylaw are the two pieces of municipal planning legislation which regulate the subdivision process.

If you are ready to complete and submit a subdivision application form, you must have had at least one pre-application meeting with the Planning and Development Department. If you still need to have this meeting, please call 780-542-7777 to schedule a time to discuss your proposed development with County Administration.