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Road Ban 24-05 in Effect July 4, 2024

Land Use Bylaw 1002-18

Brazeau County’s Land Use Bylaw 1002-18 was originally adopted by Council on October 16, 2018 and is the governing document for development in Brazeau County. The purpose of the Land Use Bylaw is to regulate the use and development of land and buildings within Brazeau County to ensure the health and safety of our landowners and residents, and to achieve the orderly and economic development of land.

The Land Use Bylaw outlines the rules and regulations for development of land and buildings within Brazeau County for each district (zone), as well as the development permit and subdivision processes.

A Land Use Bylaw is required to divide the County into land use districts, which are also referred to as “zones.” Each property within the County has a zone, which is identified on the maps included in the Land Use Bylaw. Within the Land Use Bylaw, each zone outlines the purpose and intent for the use of land and includes the rules and regulations that must be followed for development. Some examples of districts (zones) within Brazeau County include:

  • Agricultural,
  • Residential,
  • Commercial,
  • Industrial,
  • Recreational,
  • Natural Resource Extraction and Processing; and,
  • Crown Lands.

A full list of the different zones can be found in the Land Use Bylaw. A copy of the Land Use Bylaw 1002-18 can be found below.