Fire Advisory in effect May 30, 2024
Road Ban 24-04 in Effect May 10, 2024

Business Licenses

In April 2023 Brazeau County Council passed Bylaw 1148-23 creating a non-residential tax sub-class for small business. Council then passed Tax Bylaw 1141-23 introducing a lower tax rate for that sub-class. Under provincial legislation, in order to qualify for the reduced tax rate small businesses are required to have a business license by the end of the year. A small business is identified as one with fewer than 50 employees nationally.

Prior to issuing tax notices in 2024 the tax and assessment division will verify that small businesses in Brazeau County have been issued a business license and are eligible for the small business tax rate. Business licenses are free of charge and, once issued, don’t need to be renewed for five years.

Businesses of all sizes are encouraged to apply for business licenses. The licenses assist Brazeau County in gathering information about the business community in the municipality.

Applications are available below or by contacting the County at 780-542-7777 or Once the application is processed, businesses receive their license by e-mail.