TOTAL FIRE BAN in effect July 11, 2024
Road Ban 24-05 in Effect July 4, 2024

Snow Removal

Brazeau County will maintain municipal roads in a safe and passable condition. Winter road maintenance services are not intended to eliminate all hazardous conditions at all times, but rather intended to assist vehicles which are properly equipped for winter driving while being operated in a manner consistent with good winter driving practices.

Snow Removal Policy Standards:

Priority LevelDescriptionTime to ClearSnowfall Depth††
Priority 1Paved Roadways8 hours1-3 cm
Priority 2Gravel Roadways72 hours10 cm of accumulation
Priority 3Subdivisions and Hamlets5 days10 cm of accumulation
Priority 4Community halls/sidewalks and private drivewaysUpon request10 cm of accumulation‡










† Time frame dependent on snowfall/wind event ending and ice control not being required.

†† Snowplows and graders may be deployed prior to the threshold being met.  It is the Maintenance Supervisor and early watch personnel’s discretion on whether the threshold is met.

‡  Subject to Priority 1 & 2 being completed.

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Snow Removal Agreements