Fire Advisory in effect May 30, 2024
Road Ban 24-04 in Effect May 10, 2024

Energy Conservation

Brazeau County is bolstering its sustainable development goals by reducing the energy consumption across the organization and the community. County is focused to minimize energy wastage and optimize its energy use to bring down the operating costs and cut on the greenhouse gas emissions.

Save Energy

At the County, we recommend easy-to-do, low-cost or no-cost energy saving measures that results in quick savings with shorter payback. Low-cost/no-cost measures help you to save energy and reduce your utility costs without doing major retrofits/system upgrades such as replacing your old furnace, installing solar panels, and buying energy efficient appliances. 

Below are some DIY low-cost, no-cost energy saving tips that you can implement as home/business owner:

No-cost Tips

Low-cost Tips

Additional Energy Saving Tips & Programs

Utilities Consumer Advocate