Citizen Appreciation Program

If you know of an individual, business, or community group going above and beyond to mow ditches and remove garbage from County public spaces such as ditches, right of ways, cemeteries, and park space, nominate them for an appreciation gift from the County!
• Nominee must have been completing one of the following activities for more than one (1) year in a volunteer capacity:
o Mowing/maintaining in County ditches, right of ways, cemeteries, or park space
o Picking up refuse in County ditches, right of ways, cemeteries, or park space
• Nominee must be a citizen, group, organization, or business in Brazeau County; or benefited the citizens of Brazeau County
• Nominee must be a current or former resident of Brazeau County; or in the case of a business or organization must have been operating in Brazeau
• Brazeau County employees are ineligible under this program
Nomination Procedure
• Nominations are from the general public
• Reeve and Council have the discretion to nominate any individual or group/organization for recognition
• Nomination forms are available at the County office or online
• Nominations are accepted throughout the year
• Award recipients will be notified prior to the presentation
• The nominator is responsible for submitting a complete application with all pertinent details
• Award recipient and nominator will be contacted, if chosen
• Brazeau County may contact the nominator for clarification, if necessary
• The recipient will receive a gift of recognition from a member of Council
• Presentations may be made periodically during regular council meetings in council chambers or in another fashion as determined by Council
The nomination form is available here. Please e-mail the form to