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ALUS (originally an acronym for Alternative Land Use Services, and pronounced “Alice”) is a national charitable organization that helps farmers and ranchers build nature-based solutions on their land to sustain agriculture and biodiversity for the benefit of communities and future generations. ALUS provides expertise, resources and direct financial support for the establishment, management, and stewardship of these ecosystem services. ALUS consists of a network of more than a thousand farmers and ranchers across six Canadian provinces who establish and steward enhanced wetlands, windbreaks, riparian buffer zones, wildlife habitats, regenerative agriculture practices and other impactful environmental projects on their land. These nature-based solutions produce cleaner air, cleaner water, greater biodiversity, carbon sequestration, erosion control, flood and drought mitigation, pollinator and wildlife habitat, and other ecosystem services for the benefit of communities.

How does ALUS work?

How does ALUS help?

Partnership Advisory Committee (PAC)


Contact ALUS Brazeau

Nancy Chambers

Brazeau County ALUS Program Coordinator

Box 77, 7401 Twp Rd 494

Drayton Valley, AB T7A 1R1

Phone: 780-542-7777