Fire Advisory in effect May 30, 2024
Road Ban 24-04 in Effect May 10, 2024

Water well change in Rocky Rapids February 13, 2024


In November of 2022, Brazeau County Council made a motion (988/22-11-22) to drill a new water well to find softer water at our Rocky Rapids water treatment plant. Brazeau County is pleased to inform you that softer water was found. After receiving a new water well license and recently completing the connections, power installation and well pump install, we will start using the new production well on February 13, 2024.


It will take approximately 15-20 days for the water in the reservoir to turn over and replace the harder water. With mixing the two waters there should be a minimal disruption or inconvenience caused by the change in water hardness.

The two water wells (current production and future production) are on the opposite ends of the hardness spectrum. At 272 mg/L hardness, the current production well is very hard. The new water well is quite soft at 12 mg/L hardness. Water hardness is not deemed a health risk to the general population.

What you should do:

• You will not need to do anything to receive the soft water from the facility.

• If you have a water softener or water softening device, you will wish to turn it off or disconnect it from the water supply.

• You may wish to flush your hot water tank to remove any sediments remaining from the hard water.


What to expect from the softer water:

• Less mineral buildup found in appliances that heat the water. Appliances should last longer.

• Although hard water buildups may be reduced, a sodium buildup may be noticed due to the softer water.

• Fewer spots or residues on dishes, shower heads, doors, etc.

• Increase in the effectiveness of soap.

• You may feel like there’s a residue after washing because the lack of minerals will make your skin feel slippery.

• May help reduce dry skin and hair.

• May notice clothes are cleaner after washing and are lasting longer before wearing out.

• Over 200mg/l sodium level, a salty taste may be noticed. Aesthetic objectives for sodium in drinking water is less than or equal to 200mg/l.

• Drinking very soft water is not recommended for people with high blood pressure or on a low sodium diet. The new source well was tested and sodium was reported to be 258mg/L

• The water may feel soft to the touch.

• May reduce energy bills.

• May reduce cleaning chores.

• Healthy minerals may not be present. Many healthy minerals are received from following a healthy diet.


Please contact Utilities Supervisor Darcy Mulroy with any questions or concerns at 790-542-777 or