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Municipal Addressing

A municipal address identifies the location of your property. Your municipal address helps emergency services locate you in an emergency situation. It is important to ensure your municipal address signage is visible from the road. Municipal address signage is free for Brazeau County residents. To apply, please fill out the application below and e-mail it to

Municipal Addressing

Whether you're new to the County, or you have a change in your mailing address, it is important to keep your information updated. You need to keep your address up to date with both Brazeau County and Land Titles. If you move or buy a property within the County, be sure both organizations receive your up-to-date address information.

An up-to-date address is also crucial in an emergency, so responders can quickly find your property.

We often get asked; what is the difference between my municipal address and my mailing address? Why aren’t they the same? The brief answer is this: Canada Post has not transitioned our area to use municipal addresses as mailing addresses (aside from The Ranch Country Estates, River Ravine Estates, and a portion of Country Style Manufactured Home Park.) This means that for the majority of the County, your municipal address acts only as your physical location to be used for emergency purposes.
Click below for a Municipal Address application. Please e-mail the completed application to

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