Fire Permit Application

Please note this is an application is for a fire permit ONLY, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with Bylaw # 703‐09 before continuing with this application.

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Fire Permit Application

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As well please be reminded that all burning must be in compliance with Brazeau County Fire Services Bylaw#703‐09, Forest and Prairie Protection Act of Alberta and Regulations Part 1: Section 4 Every person who sets a fire under authority of a permit shall:
  1. Keep the permit at the site of the fire
  2. Produce and show the permit to a fire guardian, peace officer, or fire department member on request
  3. Keep fire under control and supervised any fire burning under the permit until extinguished.
  4. Extinguish the fire before expiration of the permit or upon cancellation of the permit
  5. Have a responsible person in attendance at the fire at all times, except as may be otherwise authorized by a fire guardian, peace officer, or fire department member
  6. Permit holder must seek prior permission from the land owner if burning is to be on lands not directly owned by the applicant, prior to burning
The following conditions may apply as well:
  • Burning not permitted with winds over 15km/hr.
  • Adequate water supply in order to control or extinguish fire.
  • Adequate fire equipment required in order to control or extinguish fire
  • No more than 4 piles are to be burned (smouldering) at any one time
  • Spread, mix, and "cold trail" debris upon completion of burning to ensure fuels have been completely extinguished
  • Contact Fortis if burning near or under power lines prior to ignition, (Phone: 310‐wire)
  • Contact local road authorities for proper signage prior to ignition, (County: 1‐780‐542‐7777) (Provincial Roadways: 1‐780‐202‐0217)
Warning: Failure to follow the above conditions may result in a fine, and or imprisonment and/or recovery of suppression costs. Supplying false information, when applying for a fire permit is considered an offence and will be treated as such.

Notice: The Fire Guardian or Fire Chief Reserves the right to deny, suspend or cancel any fire permit on reasonable and probable grounds that a public interest risk exists. All fire permits shall be valid for such period of time as set forth by the fire guardian, but shall not exceed fourteen (14) days.

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