Fire Permits

If you see a fire burning out of control, the first call should be to the Fire Department.

Fire Permits are required for all controlled burns. By obtaining a fire permit, you have simply indicated your wish to burn. You are not absolved of any responsibility for conducting a safe burn. Contravention of the Forest and Prairie Protection Act by refusing or neglecting to comply with the regulations, or a permit condition may result in prosecution. You may be liable to a fine of up to $1,000 and in addition, you could be liable for all resulting damage and suppression costs. To find out more information about fire permits, click here.

If you have a hold-over fire from the winter, you still require a permit for it after March 1st. If you use a barrel for burning garbage, or if you are clearing land and burning brush pile or windrows, please follow the minimum safety and equipment requirements.  

To see the recent changes in fire permitting please visit;


Alberta Sustainable Resource Development
Drayton Valley Office - 780-542-6616
Drayton Valley/Brazeau County Fire Services - 780-514-2216

For more information, contact the .