Animal Control

Brazeau County employs Doreen Clark on a contract basis to provide animal control. The animal control officer is responsible for monitoring and investigating animal complaints for County residents, as well as enforcing action, if necessary, in accordance with Animal Control Bylaw 1073-21. The contracted animal officer when necessary may also work along with police services to enforce the bylaw.

All collected animals are sheltered at Grandee Kennels. Phone: 780-514-0372.

Brazeau County residents are also responsible for any other domestic animal or livestock in their ownership. The entire bylaw may be viewed here: Animal Control Bylaw 1151-23.


Contact: Doreen Clark

Phone: 780-514-0372


Responsibility of Owners

Brazeau County wants to ensure everyone, including their pets, is safe. We encourage you to know the rules and follow them to protect your pet!

For this reason here are a few simple rules outlined in the Animal Control Bylaw

An owner of an animal is guilty of an offence and subject to a penalty if, your animal is:

· Running at large;

· Bites, barks, or chases any vehicle;

· Barks at, chases, bites, attacks, threatens, harasses or injures any person including, but not limited to, when such person is on bicycle, horseback or while walking or running;

· Causes damage to private or public property;

· Defecates on a person(s), private property, public property or highway;

· Barks, howls or otherwise disturbs persons;

· Is outside the home while in heat and or has communicable disease;

· Enters a body of water provided for public use.

To report an animal in distress call 1-800-455-9003

  • Residents within designated hamlets or lands zones for condominium development, multi-lot subdivisions, or recreation are permitted to participate in a Keeping of Hens program. Anyone wishing to participate in the program must adhere to the provisions of the Animal Control Bylaw which include:

    • acquire a small flock/urban poultry course
    • have no more than 6 hens
    • roosters are not permitted
    • minimumcoop/enclosures size is 0.37m2 of indoor space per bird and 0.92m2 of outdoor space per bird. Depending on the size of the structure a Development Permit may be required, but in all cases the structure must meet setback requirements for an accessory structure within the applicable land use district
    • both the coop and enclosure are required to be fully enclosed in a secure fence and structure

    To view the full list of provisions, see section 6 of the Animal Control Bylaw.