Environmental Services

There are three main areas under Environmental Services: water systems, sewer systems, and sanitary landfill. Water systems are in place in the hamlets of Cynthia and Rocky Rapids. Sewer systems are located in the hamlets of Lodgepole, Cynthia, Rocky Rapids, Violet Grove, Buck Creek and Poplar Ridge.

The Public Works Department works in conjunction with the local landfill authority on minor and major repairs and maintenance to eight Waste Transfer Stations throughout Brazeau County. Click to view the Waste Transfer and Recycling Information Booklet

Pembina Institute

The Pembina Institute for Appropriate Development (PIAD), provides holistic and practical solutions for a sustainable world. The Institute is an independent, not-for-profit environmental policy research and education organization in Drayton Valley. The Institute has a multidisciplinary staff of more than forty, with corporate offices in Drayton Valley, Calgary, and Ottawa, and home offices in Vancouver and Toronto. The Institute's major policy research and education programs are in the areas of sustainable energy, climate change, environmental governance, ecological fiscal reform, sustainability indicators, and the environmental impacts of the energy industry.