Childcare + Familiy Services


    Offers family and parenting resources from pre-natal to age 18. Programs and supports in Breton, Brazeau County, Wetaskiwin County and Drayton Valley.
    Office: 780-514-5070,  4743-46 Street, Drayton Valley

    The newly amalgamated Community Learning Centre and D.V. Read and Learn organization. A not-for-profit society that provides non-credit classroom and one-to-one tutoring for adults 18 and over in Literacy & Numeracy, Employability Skills, English & French as a Second Language, Community Issues, General Interest as well as Family Literacy programming for ages 0 to 6.
    Office: 780-542-3373,  4743-46 S, Drayton Valley

    The team strives to promote mental health by developing positive relationships between students, families and community members. We are working to provide constructive activities that will allow our children to develop a sense of belonging and responsibility to their school and community. Located in the H.W. Pickup Junior High School at 3505 58 Avenue, Drayton Valley, Alberta.
    Office: School Line:  780-542-4495 or 780-898-0606

    Provides select public health services to Drayton Valley and area. Contact the Drayton Valley branch for services offered locally.
    Office:  780-542-4415, 4110 50th Avenue, Drayton Valley

    Offers community outreach services and foster care.
    Their office is located at Unit 2, 5116-51 Street, Drayton Valley. Phone:  780-542-3713

    Provides FREE high quality comprehensive, accessible, community based programs that comply with Provincial Standards of Excellence, and responds to the changing needs of parents and families. Their service area is Breton, Brazeau County and Drayton Valley.
    Office:  4921 43 Street (Back parking lot of St. Anthony’s School). Phone:  780-542-3713



    5212 47 Ave (Anglican Church), Drayton Valley, AB
    Phone: 780-542-3074

    Drayton Valley Pre-school
    4813 49 Avenue, Drayton Valley, AB
    Phone: 780-542-4313

    Little Angles Catholic Pre-school 
    St. Anthony School  4921 43 Street, Drayton Valley, AB
    Phone: 780-542-4396

    Breton Playschool

    Phone: 780-621-8400

    Drayton Valley Mighty Learners centre

    Phone: 780-499-0247

  • The Early Childhood Development Centre (ECDC) ) is committed to providing a quality child care program which will address the full development of each child being cared for. This accredited program has a capacity to provide care for 83 children, in a holistic eco-based focus. Contact Bernice Taylor for more information to enroll your child!

    Office: 780-514-2248

    Early Childhood Development Centre, 5024 48 Street, Drayton Valley, AB, T7A 1E1


    At Dragonfly Family Day Home Agency we are dedicated to providing quality childcare by working closely with families, educators, staff, local and provincial agencies and programs. Our day homes nurture the growth of each individual child through inquiry-based play, exploration, and active learning in a safe and caring environment.

    Contact Jennifer Paterson at 780-621-2123 for more information.

    Dragonfly Family Day Home Agency Ltd, 4813 54 Avenue, Drayton Valley, AB, T7A1C3


    Drayton Valley Mighty Learners Centre (DVMLC) is a non-profit child care program that is child-led and based on Flight – Alberta Early Learning and Care Curriculum Framework and Reggio Emilia Approach combined with intentional teaching as they name, notice, and nurture each child’s learning. The educators are actively engaged with children as co-learners, co- researchers, and co-imaginers of possibilities with high regard for children’s potential. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) is also embedded in their daily activities. 

    Contact Janeth Diangson at 587-464-0803  for more information.

    Drayton Valley Mighty Learners Centre, 5137 50 Avenue, Drayton Valley, AB, T7A 1J7

  • Drayton Valley and District Family and Community Support Services endeavors to enhance the well-being and resiliency of the community of Drayton Valley & District by providing information, education and funding for organizations who provide preventative services. By coordinating, networking and partnering with local service agencies, Drayton Valley and District FCSS helps people to develop independence and resistance to crisis while creating an awareness of social needs and providing tools and resources to build a strong community.

    In order to meet the needs of our community, Drayton Valley and District FCSS focuses on three main areas for program delivery:

    1. Preventative social programs, where people gain new skills and knowledge that will create a community that is resilient to crisis. Drayton Valley and District FCSS  offers forty one in house programs and services and have provided funding for twenty programs offered by ten different agencies so far this year.
    2. Resilient Communities work together to prevent social problems and provide opportunities for children, youth, families, adults and seniors to fully participate in the community. Drayton Valley and District FCSS has initiated seven inter agency groups who are working in collaboration with one another.  FCSS has partnered with eleven additional community initiatives.
    3. Volunteers make social programs and resilient communities possible by giving their time and expertise to others. Volunteers benefit from FCSS programs by learning new skills to make their job as a board member easier and enjoy the recognition they get when they attend the annual FCSS Volunteer Appreciation banquet. 

    To view some of the programs offered through FCSS, click the link, FCSS Programs

    Drayton Valley and District FCSS Board Information

    The FCSS Board makes recommendations regarding areas of programming and assignment of appropriate resources. The Board consists of one member from Town Council, one from the Brazeau County Council, one Region #4 CFSA member and four members from the community at large (one Drayton Valley resident, one County resident, one Senior resident and one Youth resident). If you are interested in serving on the FCSS Board, please contact the Drayton Valley and District FCSS Coordinator, Lola McGhie at 780-514-2200..

    Drayton Valley and District FCSS Grant Applications

    Each year, funding is made available to groups that provide services within the community that fall within our guidelines for service delivery.  The FCSS Advisory Board will review and recommend grant allocations bi-annually.  There are certain criteria that must be met to receive a grant.  The following files will provide the necessary background for your application.  The files reflect the provincial Family & Community Support Services Act and the regulation and guidelines specific to Drayton Valley FCSS funding practices. 

    For more information about the Dratyon Valley Family & Community Support Services, please contact Lola Strand, FCSS Coordinator, Drayton Valley Office, Box 6837, 5120 - 52 Street, Drayton Valley Alberta T7A 1A1, email:   or visit the website Drayton Valley and District FCSS.


    Breton Family & Community Support Services (FCSS)

    Breton Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) is a Municipal/Provincial cost shared program. Through FCSS, many services, activities and programs are made available. These services are provided with the intention of promoting and enhancing family and community life. Volunteerism and prevention are emphasized, and FCSS helps the community help itself. Services and programs are varied, depending on the need. Breton and Area FCSS provides services to residents living in the Village of Breton or the eastern portion of Brazeau County (east of the North Saskatchewan River).

    Information and Referrals
    This is an important component of FCSS. Anyone who needs information, referrals or support on social, community or personal issues, may contact the FCSS office. Although counseling is not available through our local office, the coordinator can provide information and assistance on obtaining counseling. Confidentiality is protected.
    Click here to view some of the programs offered by Breton FCSS, icon Breton FCSS Programs.

    For more information about Breton FCSS, please contact  Deanne Young, FCSS Director, Breton Office, Box 480, Breton, Alta. T0C 0P0,  780-696-3636, or email:   or visit the website, Breton FCSS.