Alternative Land Use Services


ALUS applications are always welcome.  Contact the County at 780-542-7777, email us at: or click the link at the bottom of this page for an Expression of Interest form.

For details about ALUS workshops, please visit the Workshops page here.

ALUS Has Arrived in Brazeau County!

A Partnership Advisory Committee (PAC) was established in the spring of 2016.  The PAC is comprised of:

Five local producers:

Art Goerzen

Henry Hughes

Lois Gerwien

Duane Movald

Dallas Ekstrom


Representatives from 4 external agencies:

North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance

Cows & Fish

Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada

West-Central Forage Association



Reeve Bart Guyon



Corbyn Pankonin, ALUS Coordinator

Dawnia McCann, Manager of Agricultural Services

Nancy Chambers, Agricultural Technician


Guidance, support, advice and expertise are also provided by ALUS staff and Brazeau County staff.

The function of the PAC is to review and approve potential projects.  Potential projects should meet specific criteria, as established by the Brazeau County ALUS PAC.  For projects to be considered by the PAC, projects should:

1.      Be submitted by an agricultural producer with a registered or legally defined farming operation, eligible for farm tax status in Alberta; and

2.      Have agricultural activity occurring on marginal or environmentally sensitive portions of the lands that are being considered for enrollment in ALUS; and

3.      Be located on less than 20% of the titled and/or leased land within Brazeau County, managed by the producer.

Please be advised that there is the ability for the PAC to modify the eligibility requirements in certain circumstances.  If you are not certain if your project qualifies, please contact the ALUS Program Coordinator to discuss!

If it is determined that your proposal may qualify, you will be asked to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) form. Once submitted, we will follow up with you to discuss the project in detail.



ALUS is a community-developed, farmer-delivered program that sustains agriculture, wildlife and natural spaces for all Canadians, one acre at a time.

As the largest single group of landowners in Canada, agricultural producers are in a unique position to provide important solutions to some of the most pressing conservation challenges of our time, including climate change and biodiversity loss.

Active in six provinces to date, the ALUS program provides a financial incentive for producing valuable ecological services on Canadian farmland.

These ecological services include clean air, clean water, flood mitigation, climate adaptation, carbon sequestration, species at risk habitat and support for our native bees and pollinators.

Specifically, ALUS helps farmers and ranchers restore wetlands, reforest, plant windbreaks, install riparian buffers, manage sustainable drainage systems, create pollinator habitat and establish other ecologically beneficial projects on their properties.

What’s more, ALUS provides annual payments to ensure the ongoing stewardship of each ALUS project.

Based on sound scientific principles and verification guidelines, ALUS provides valuable support and technical expertise for the design and implementation of each green infrastructure project.

In this way, ALUS turns marginal farmland into healthy ecosystems, linking Canada’s natural heritage across agricultural lands.

Thanks to dedicated supporters, ALUS Canada is rapidly expanding into many new communities across the country.

From Red Deer, Alberta, to Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, each ALUS program is managed by a local ALUS Coordinator and a Partnership Advisory Committee (PAC).

The PAC, which is made up of agricultural producers and such local stakeholders as municipalities, conservation groups, farm associations and government agencies, determines how the local ALUS program will be run, within the framework of ALUS's principles and guidelines.

For many years, ALUS has been building excellent relationships within agricultural communities while perfecting its unique mechanism for delivering conservation outcomes from Canada’s rural acres.

And now, ALUS is building new markets for these acres of ecological services. Through ALUS, citizens, corporations and philanthropists can invest directly in Canadian environmental stewardship, one acre at a time.

For more information, please contact your local ALUS program coordinator, or the team at ALUS:



Corbyn Pankonin

Brazeau County ALUS Program Coordinator

Box 77, 7401 Twp Rd 494

Drayton Valley, AB T7A 1R1

Phone: 780-542-7777


Twitter: @ALUSCanada

Facebook: ALUSCanada

YouTube: ALUSCanada

Instagram: @ALUSCanada

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