The Agricultural Services Department of Brazeau County works to prevent the spread of weeds through weed inspection and enforcement, crop protection and enhanced production, education and awareness. The weeds controlled are defined in two categories under the Alberta Weed Act: Noxious and Prohibited Noxious. Brazeau County also has bylaws in to elevate certain weeds of particular concern from the Noxious category to the Prohibited Noxious category.

Information on the Brazeau County Weed bylaws:


Information on common Noxious weeds within the County:


Information on common Prohibited Noxious weeds within the County:

To view the remaining Prohibited Noxious and Noxious weeds registered in the Alberta Weed Act please click here.

Brazeau County inspects all public and private land within the County on a rotation. As we require private land to have weed infestations controlled, the same is practiced on County land. Weeds on County land are controlled typically with chemical but some mechanical options are used.

Weed Control Act & Regulation