The Agriculture Department of Brazeau County works to prevent the spread of weeds through
crop protection and enhanced production, weed inspection and enforcement, education
and awareness.

For more information on any of these common noxious weeds in the area, click the links
provided here.

Burdock (common)

Canada Thistle

Common Tansy
Orange Hawkweed
Ox-eye Daisy
Perennial Sowthistle
Purple Loosestrife
Scentless Chamomile
Tall Buttercup
Tall Larkspur
Water Hemlock
White Cockle
Wild Caraway

Brazeau County does weed inspections on private land and primary highways annually.
Weeds on all County road allowances are controlled chemically or mechanically.

County roads are also mowed annually on a rotation system to ensure all properties are
managed fairly.