The County provides several programs available for residents. If further information is required or you are interested in utilizing one of the programs please contact Agricultural Services at 780-542-7777.  All forms for the programs below are available here.


No Spray Program 
We understand that some residents do not want herbicide applied to the municipal rights-of-way adjacent to their property.  That is why we offer the "No Spray Program". Between the County and the resident, an agreement is signed in which the resident agrees to maintain adjacent municipal rights-of-way for the purpose of weed and brush control without herbicides, in compliance with the Alberta Weed Control Act. To enter into an agreement with the County please visit the Administration building or fill out the form below and return it to County office. From there, County crews will install signs at the beginning and end of the property. The deadline for this application is May 1 of every year and must be renewed annually. Inspections will be completed and if brush or weeds are deemed uncontrolled, the County will exercise the right to void the agreement.
Herbicide Rebate Program
To assist residents in controlling Noxious and Prohibited Noxious Weeds on their property, we are offering a rebate for the purchase of specified chemicals. Read the AG-3 – Herbicide Rebate Program Policy here. Weed control guidelines are available here.
Hawkweed Agreement 
Hawkweed is a Prohibited Noxious Weed that must be destroyed, in accordance with the Weed Control Regulation 19/2010.  Brazeau County can assist with treatment of Hawkweed on areas up to 5 acres at no cost to the landowner. 
Rental Program
Through the Agricultural Service Board, the Agricultural Service Department offers equipment available for rent. The County carries agricultural equipment for use with livestock, along with signage needed for safe agricultural practices. They also carry a variety of spray equipment ranging in different sizes.  Tools for crop and soil management are also available, as well as equipment to assist in predator and vermin control.  
Examples of rental equipment include:
Cattle squeeze 
Calf tipping table 
RFID tag reader
Backpack and ATV/UTV sprayer 
Pull behind sprayer
Brillion seeder
Fertilizer spreader
An overview of the list of rental equipment, including rental rates and damage deposit requirements, are available in the Rental Equipment Pamphlet.  Rental rates are set in accordance with the Schedule of Fees Bylaw. All renters must abide by the Equipment Rental Policy AG-2.  Non-residents may rent equipment at a rate of 1.5 times the regular rate; however, priority is given to Brazeau County residents.  Non-profit groups such as 4-H clubs may use the livestock equipment free of charge but must still provide a security deposit and adhere to the AG-2 Policy.  
A complete list, with photos and a detailed list of equipment specifications is available in the Rental Equipment Specs and Photo document. Please contact the Agricultural Services Department at 780-542-7777.
Sample testing can be a valuable tool for producers. The Agricultural Services Department facilitates testing services for soil, forage and seed samples. Soil and forage can be tested for important nutrients (or deficiencies of nutrients), while seed can be tested for germination and diseases.  Samples are brought to the County office and then sent to labs. Results are provided back to the landowner in a detailed report.  Once the results have been provided to the landowner, an invoice for the cost of the service will be mailed to the user.  Subsidies are currently available for soil testing and Fusarium graminearum testing on seed, as per the current Schedule of Fees bylaw. Contact the Ag Department for more information.

December 2021 forage samples

There were no samples received in January or February 2022.


Herbicide PCP numbers
The following herbicides may be sprayed within the county in the 2022 season: