Conservation and Research

The Brazeau County Agricultural Services Department works toward ultimate land stewardship and environmental benefits. Several tools are available to aid rural landowners.
The Alberta Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) is a voluntary, self-assessment tool that helps producers identify their environmental risks and develop plans to mitigate identified risks and maintain a healthy environment for agricultural producers.
Understanding your septic system and water well can also have a positive effect on the environment. Check the websites for more information including workshops held throughout the year.
Click on the Services page to find out more about how you can have soil, forage and seed samples tested.

Brazeau County supports agricultural research at two plot locations. The Breton Classical Plots were established in 1929 near the Village of Breton, 100 km southwest of Edmonton, by the Department of Soils, University of Alberta. These plots were originally designed to find a system of farming suitable for the wooded soil belt. Today, the Breton Plots provide a model of how diverse cropping practices affect typical Gray Luvisolic soils.

For more information, visit the Breton Plots website or the Village of Breton website.


The West-Central Forage Association (WCFA) has several research sites, with one located in Brazeau County. Their research focuses on crop diversity and local growing conditions to provide valuable information that can be used by our farmers.

More information is available on the WCFA website.

In 2017, the Agricultural Service Board made a recommendation to Council to approve funding to support research for growing hemp within Brazeau County.

Trials were conducted on the east side of Brazeau County by the University of Alberta at the Breton Plots and on the west side of Brazeau County by West Central Forage Association.

At the end of the season both organizations have provided reports that disclose data that will be helpful to producers interested in growing industrial hemp.

Click here for the  University of Alberta report.

Click here for the West Central Forage Association report.

Further support for potential hemp producers is provided by the ASB’s Hemp Working Group. Contact the Economic Development Department at 780-542-7777 for access to hemp resources.