The Agriculture Division and the Agricultural Service Board work hand in hand to deliver agricultural based programming for the municipal ratepayer. The Agricultural Service Board is the policy recommending body to Council, while the Agricultural Department is the implementation and enforcement arm of the operations.

Priorities of the Agriculture Division include training landowners to control weedsdiseases and insects, to prevent the establishment of new weeds, roadside vegetation management, and to prevent soil erosion.

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Albertans are invited to provide feedback on the government’s draft framework to manage cannabis legalization in the province. You can provide input here.



Alberta Agriculture and Forestry has developed a short online survey for input on the program concepts for the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) set to begin in April 2018 after Growing Forward 2 (GF2) expires in March 2018.
This survey offers agriculture stakeholders the opportunity to make suggestions on the proposed CAP program concepts. Input provided will equip Alberta Agriculture and Forestry to provide programming that meets the needs and priorities of Alberta’s industry.
The five priority areas identified by Alberta are:
• Science and Research 
• Risk Management 
• Environmental Sustainability 
• Products, Market Growth and Diversification 
• Public Trust
Survey link open until March 18, 2018.