The Agriculture Division and the Agricultural Service Board work hand in hand to deliver agricultural based programming for the municipal ratepayer. The Agricultural Service Board is the policy recommending body to Council, while the Agricultural Department is the implementation and enforcement arm of the operations.

Priorities of the Agriculture Division include training landowners to control weedsdiseases and insects, to prevent the establishment of new weeds, roadside vegetation management, and to prevent soil erosion.

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Aerator Demonstration and Raffle

Aerating agricultural land increases water absorption and reduces hard pack. Brazeau County is hosting a demonstration of an aerator this spring (late May or early June) and is looking for hay or pasture for the demonstration. A draw will be used to determine where the demonstration will be held. The winner of the draw will have a small piece of their land aerated.
In order to qualify for the draw we need a farmer who can provide a 70 + HP tractor and is willing to hold an event open to the public on their land. The land should be in hay or pasture and be easily accessible. If you are interested in participating please contact: Dawnia McCann, Manager of Agricultural Services, at 780-542-7777 or 
The deadline to enter the draw is May 18th, 2018.