About Brazeau County

Located in west-central Alberta, just 30 minutes south of the Yellowhead Highway 16 and just 60 minutes from the Canada–Mexico trade corridor of Highway 2 and the Edmonton International Airport, Brazeau County is country living at its best.

The population within the geographic boundaries of Brazeau County includes 7,179 residents of Brazeau County, 7,291 residents in the Town of Drayton Valley and 567 residents in the Village of Breton.

The Brazeau County economy is thriving off the natural resources found in our region, creating prosperity and opportunities for a wide range of businesses that both directly and indirectly impact the oil & gas industry.

Highly skilled workers from around the world migrating to our region, along with greater outside investment means Brazeau County business is in this for the long haul.

Thousands of people visit Brazeau County every year to take advantage of our bountiful wilderness and wildlife and the recreation opportunities that they allow us.

From ATV and horseback riding, to fishing, hunting, camping, skiing, snowmobiling and more, you’ll find fun in Brazeau County no matter the season.

Brazeau County residents enjoy a high level of prosperity thanks to our strong and ever-expanding economy based on rich natural resources abundant in the region. But those same natural resources that keep our local economy booming also provide the recreation, leisure and beauty that makes life in Brazeau County so worth living.