Road Maintenance

The Public Works Department of Brazeau County deals with the maintenance of infrastructure within the County. Keeping roads well maintained, safe and accessible is a year-round priority.

The Department handles such things as development of County road allowances, gravel, road maintenance, ditching and approaches, overweight permits, dust control, flood control, and snow removal.

Road repairs are the focus for County crews during the first few weeks of spring.

    PROJECT NO.: Bridge File 85320 : Range Road 494


    Why am I receiving this notice?

    Brazeau County would like to inform you that the County will be undertaking the  replacement of a culvert on Range Road  494, west of  Lindale (NE-20-49-5-W5).



    Why is the construction required?

    The  existing culvert is deemed to be inefficient and in poor shape.  The  culvert needs to be replaced.



    What will this project consist of?

    This project will consist of auguring a new culvert through the road.  The old culvert will be filled with grout and abandoned  in place.  Measures to control erosion will also be installed. 



    When will construction occur and how long will it last?

    Construction will occur in the winter of 2018 (January – March).  The  work is expected to take approximately 28 days.  



    What will be the impact?

    As with any construction activities it can be expected that local traffic could be impacted.  At this  project, only short traffic  stoppages will be expected.  These stoppages are  expected to be less than 15 minutes and are  for allowing  construction vehicles off and on to the road.  



    Thank you for your patience!

    Brazeau County recognizes that construction/road maintanence is a short term inconvenience to the residents surrounding  the  project, the  users of Range Road 494, and surronding Community. We appreciate your understanding.


    Who can I speak to if I have a question?

    For questions regarding the works please feel free to contact Bhupesh Sakalley, Project Manager at or Jenna Durkee, Administration Assistant at or call 780-542-7777. 

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