Sasquatch program

  • We are very fortunate to have a tremendous wilderness space right in our back yard and that we are one of the very few in North America to have the privilege to use Crown lands for recreation

    With this privilege comes the responsibility for everyone to respect the natural environment to preserve this recreation space for generations to come.

    Sasquatch and his Partners ask that you remember to:

    • Keep campfires attended at all times and make sure it’s out when you leave.
    • Avoid camping within 100 meters from all oil and gas facilities.
    • Stay on existing trails with motorized vehicles and share the trails with all users.
    • Avoid disturbing environmentally sensitive areas such as creeks, wetlands, trees and shrubs.
    • Respect all wildlife.
    • Pack out ALL garbage & recyclables; please leave it cleaner than when you found it!

    About the Sasquatch, his Partners and their Message.

    In recent years, Brazeau County has seen an increase in environmental damage to trails, random camping sites and sensitive environmental areas. Sasquatch and his partners are a group of stakeholders including industry, government and the public, who are seeking to endorse environmentally and socially responsible recreation in the West Country with the goal of creating lasting and contagious attitudes amongst recreationists.

    What can you do?

    Sasquatch and his partners will be engaging in marketing campaigns throughout the summer months to get the message out to recreationists. The best way to help is by being an environmental and social steward; lead by example in the West Country and spread the Sasquatch message to recreationists that you meet.

    We are also inviting businesses and organizations that are interested to sponsor signage within the region. There are various sponsorship levels and all organizations that have contributed will be added as a Partner.

    For more information, please contact Colin Loose, Parks & Recreation Coordinator at 780-542-7777