Municipal Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

Brazeau County is committed to helping our citizens reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas
The Municipal Energy Efficiency Rebate Program will help residents receive great savings for qualifying home
improvements. The savings are made even greater when combined with rebates from Energy Efficiency Alberta and any in-store retail rebates.
All Brazeau County residents are encouraged to take steps to increase energy efficiency and reduce water consumption. This greatly benefits both your wallet and the environment. When you use less electricity (whether in heating or lighting), you save on your monthly bills, and you require less electricity to be produced,
resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emissions. When you use less water, you are accomplishing the same thing: reducing the amount of energy required to process and deliver it.
This brochure and October 2018 additions provide a guide for Brazeau County residents for the savings available through the Municipal Energy Efficiency Rebate Program. More information on Provincial savings can be found at
The rebate savings form can be found here. The solar rebate form can be found here.