Vision, Mission, Goals and Values


    Brazeau County fosters RURAL VALUES, INNOVATION, CREATIVITY, LEADERSHIP  and is a place where a DIVERSE ECONOMY offers QUALITY OF LIFE for our citizens.


     A spirit of community created through INNOVATION and OPPORTUNITIES.


    Brazeau County collaboration with Canadians has created economic opportunity and prosperity for our community. That we intentionally, proactively network with Canadians to bring ideas and initiative back to our citizens.

    Brazeau County has promoted and invested in innovation offering incentives diversifying our local economy, rural values and through opportunities reducing our environmental impact. Invest in green energy programs, water and waste water upgrades, encourage, support, innovation and economic growth through complied LUB, promoting sustaining small farms, hamlet investment/redevelopment.

    Brazeau County is strategically assigning financial and physical resources to meet ongoing service delivery to ensure the success of our greater community.  Rigorous budget and restrictive surplus process, petition for government funding, balance budget with department goals and objectives.

    Brazeau County has a land use bylaw and framework that consistently guides development and promotes growth. Promotes development of business that is consistent for all “open for business.”  Attract and retain businesses because we have flexibility within our planning documents.

    Come to Brazeau County to work, rest and play. This encompasses all families.  We have the diversity to attract people for the work opportunities.  We have recreation which promotes rest and play possibilities that are endless.

    Brazeau County is responsive to its citizenship needs and our citizens are engaged in initiatives. Engage in various levels - website, Facebook, newspapers, open houses.


    We recognize the benefit of diversity among our communities, resources and work to respect their uniqueness.

    We ensure responsible stewardship and we understand the decisions we make today will echo for generations.

    We believe in acting with integrity.

    We are open and transparent in all activities and decisions.

    We respect our citizens through active listening to deliver services fairly and respond appropriately.