Departments + Contacts

Box 77, 7401 Twp Rd 494
Drayton Valley, Alberta T7A 1R1
Phone: 780-542-7777
Fax: 780-542-7770

  • Chief Administrative Officer (CAO): 

    Executive Assistant:

    Human Resources:

    Safety Coordinator:

    Emergency After-Hours: 780-542-8770

  • Director of Community Services:

    Agricutural Fieldman: 

    Acting Agricultural Fieldman:

    Community Services Administrative Assistant:

  • Economic Development & Communications Manager:

    Corporate Communications Coordinator:

  • Director of Corporate Services:

    Finance Manager:

    Finance Coordinator:

    Payroll Coordinator:

    Accounts Payable:

    Administrative Assistant:

    Customer Service Representative/Finance Clerk:

    Customer Service Representative/Finance Clerk:

    Records Management & Legislative Services:

    IT/Network Administrator:

    GIS/GPS Technician:

    Municipal & Community Grants Coordinator:

  • Director of Community Services:

    Parks & Recreation Coordinator:

    Community Services Lead Hand:

  • Director of Planning & Development:

    Manager of Land and Environment:

    Planning & Development Officer:

    Planning & Development Officer:

    Education Officer:

    Long Range Planning Officer: 

    Planning Technician:

    Planning Technician: 

    Planning and Development Administrative Assistant:

    Direct Line: 780-542-2667

  • Ambulance: 911 or 780-542-5211

    Police Services: 911 or 780-542-4456

    Director of Emergency Management:

    Community Peace Officer:

    Community Peace Officer:

    Hospital: 780-542-5321

    Distress Line: 1-800-232-7288

    Poison Centre: 1-800-332-1414

    Animal Control: 780-514-0372

    Sustainable Resources: 780-542-6616

    Alberta Environment: 780-542-6616

    Brazeau County: 780-542-8770

  • Director of Public Works & Infrastructure:

    Project Manager:

    Project Manager: 

    Public Works Administrative Assistant: 

    Public Works Operations Assistant: 

    Superintendent of Utilities: 

    Maintenance Supervisor:

    Construction Supervisor:

    Construction Assistant:

    Supervisor Supplies and Services:

    Purchasing Agent/Inventory Control:

    Public Works and Infrastructure direct line: 780-542-7711

  • Office Number: 780-514-2216
    or 911 for Emergency

    Fire Chief:

    Deputy Fire Chief of Operations: Murray Galavan

    Deputy Fire Chief:

    Maintenance Co-Ordinator: William Gueth

    Administrative Assistant: Carla Appleby

    Brazeau County/Drayton Valley Fire Services Website