Corporate Services

The Corporate Services Department of Brazeau County consists of a team of professionals dealing with areas of County operations including:


  • Operating and Capital Budget
  • Taxation and Assessment
  • Payroll
  • Accounts Payable

Information and Technology (IT)

  • Internal systems maintenance and data storage and protection
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)/Global Positioning System

Records Management and Legislative Services

  • Internal document management, retention and destruction
  • Freedom of information requests

The Corporate Services team uses state of the art accounting software and technology, and the skill of trained staff, to track revenue, expenses and long-term investments on behalf of citizens.

For a full description of what the divisions of Corporate Services are responsible for, please see below. If you have any questions contact the  or call 780-542-7777. For Corporate Services forms, click here (

The finance division is overseen by the General Manager of Finance and the Finance Manager and includes the areas of taxation and assessment, accounts payable and payroll. Among its many functions is the preparation of the annual operating and capital budgets, where the Finance Manager works with other County departments to prepare the annual budget for presentation to Brazeau County Council.

For more information on taxation and assessment visit the Tax and Assessment page.

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Information and Technology (IT)
The IT division is overseen by the General Manager of Finance and includes information and technology services, as well as geographic information systems and global positioning system servies. The IT division is responsible for maintaining all network systems that keep Brazeau County running effectively and efficiently. IT is also responsible for the ongoing security of those network systems and all electronic devices used in the day-to-day business of the County.

The GIS/GPS Coordinator is responsible for using state of the art technology to collect, maintain, analyze and interpret geographically referenced information and apply it in a wide variety of areas to create maps, reports or charts to be used by County staff for day-to-day operations, and by members of the public for their information and understanding.

Records Management and Legislative Services

The records management and legislative services division is overseen by the General Manager of Finance. This division is responsible for the retention and disposal of Brazeau County’s records, in accordance with legislation. The Records Management and Legislative Services Coordinator is also responsible for handling FOIP requests received by Brazeau County.