Brazeau County Community Funding

Brazeau County has several grants to assist organizations in various categories including, community halls, cemeteries, youth sport, recreation, senior/disabled/public transit, culture, and community events. More information in available in the FIN-7 Community Organization Funding Policy

For Brazeau County grant applications, please visit our Form Centre, or contact Rita Bijeau, Community Services at  or 780-542-7777.

Cemetery Funding

Funding is available to community cemeteries that are maintained by volunteer efforts to assist with operating and capital costs. Capital funding is only available every other year.

Seniors/Disabled/Public Transit Funding

Funding is available annually to assist groups or organizations that provide:

·         {C}{C}{C}{C}senior citizen and disabled snow removal and/or dust control projects;

·         {C}{C}{C}{C}senior citizen and disabled transportation for medical, recreation and/or essential shopping trips;

·         {C}{C}{C}{C}handi-buses for senior citizens/disabled in need; and/or

·         {C}{C}{C}{C}improvements to loading and unloading areas for seniors and disabled persons wheelchairs

Community Hall Funding

Brazeau County recognizes the valuable services provided by community associations to County residents through the operation of Community Halls. In recognition of the value of these services, financial assistance may be provided to those associations for operating and capital costs. Capital funding is only available every other year.

Recreation Funding

Funding may be available for other recreational organizations on a specific (need) basis as approved by Council. This assistance, if provided, shall have to benefit County residents in some measurable way.

Cultural Funding

Funding may be available to community associations offering cultural services within the County in recognition of the value of the services to the region.

Community Event Funding

Brazeau County recognizes that community-based events bring people together in many ways for the benefit of residents and surrounding communities. We recognize that not-for-profit organizations that host community events need to raise funds or require donations and have established a grant.

Youth Sport Grant

The Youth Sport Grant has been established to appreciate the sacrifice and dedication of our young individuals to sports. This grant is designed to provide financial assistance to local athletes under the age of 25 with expenses associated with competing at the Regional, National, or International level.