November 7, 2018
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DV Community Learning: Delivering Business Training


Supervisor and Management Courses

Effective Workplace Communication:  In the Effective Workplace Communication course, you will learn how to properly communicate within a corporate structure.

Supervisory Leadership:  The Supervisory Leadership course is designed to teach you how to properly manage four key components of any organization: people, resources, activities, and information. 

Leadership - An Overview:  NorQuest College’s popular Leadership - An Overview workshop combines modern day leadership strategy with science fiction fun by paying tribute to the Star Wars movies through teaching the ways of its famous Jedi leadership codes.

Change Management: In the Change Management workplace training course, you will learn a fundamental skill in an ever-changing world - how to direct and manage constant change within the workplace.

Team Building:  The new world of business is all about teams: how to build them, how to work in them, and how to lead them.

Coaching and Mentoring:  Have you ever wondered why the best athletes in the world often find it difficult to become coaches?

Problem Solving and Decision Making:  With over twenty years’ experience in training people how to think critically about problems or issues, our instructor, Dr. Dyer has developed a proven process for enhancing critical thinking skills.

Resilience and Leadership:  Learn how to develop and master your resilience and become a more effective workplace leader.

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