July 24, 2017
Brazeau County Enews
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Public Web Map Tool Launched

Brazeau County is proud to offer a publicly accessible mapping solution to residents, business and professionals. This application offers the ability to see high resolution aerial photography, basic parcel information, including property lines and local roads, and the ability to measure, markup and print what you see.

To access the webmap, visit www.brazeau.ab.ca and click on “Brazeau County Web Map” in the Featured section. A walk-through is available in the map application.




Brazeau County will be offering 1 hour sessions to help local stakeholders navigate and benefit from this new service. A computer and workspace is also available in the Planning and Development reception area, where a trained Brazeau County staff member can assist you with the application and help you through the process. So don’t be afraid to get online and try out this new online application!




Aerial photography is the taking of photographs of the ground from an elevated/direct-down position. This is usually done by an airplane, but can be done through satellite and other technologies. This perspective can be very useful when looking at development and work projects.

Google and Apple are two technologies that currently offer us this type of option, but they decide how often they update the information, and how clear the photography is. In larger centres, this imagery is more up to date, but a quick look and you will see that Brazeau County’s free imagery does not meet all the needs we are hearing from our residents, businesses and professionals.


To solve this problem, Brazeau County budgets every two years to have a photography company capture up-to-date imagery and provide it back to us for use in many applications.

Until the launch of the public webmap, residents and businesses would contact the County to request their photography for a fee, and a map would be provided. With this new online service, residents can see this same custom imagery from their computer or mobile device at no cost to them.


Seeing your aerial photography is nice, but if you can’t see where your property ends and your neighbours’ begins, it is difficult to truly benefit from the information. With this new application, residents can see their property lines and identify potential areas of concern. This will also help you to measure how far away to plan a development, or see how big a property is that you are thinking of purchasing.


Brazeau County receives a lot of calls asking for basic property information. Whether it is how much the assessment is on a property, or what the zoning is, we know this is information that property owners would like to be able to access. Now with a click of a button, you can see these details without having to make a call. Brazeau County staff is still available to take your call and assist in any way they can, however sometimes it may be more convenient to be able to find the information whenever you want.


With all of this information at your fingertips, you may find you want to do some measuring and even draw in some ideas as you think of them. This online service will allow you to measure distances and area. It doesn’t matter if you think in metric or imperial, the system should have any measurement type that you are comfortable with.


Once you have had a chance to plan your idea, and customize the property with measurements or development plans, you will likely want to save the information to use later. This system allows you to print to a digital paper (Adobe PDF), or send it to your printer so you have a hard copy for your next development meeting. Remember when we wrote our ideas on the back of a napkin? This new application can now be your napkin.


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