May 24, 2017
Brazeau County Enews
May-June 2017 (2016 Annual Report)

Annual Report - Public Works & Infrastructure

Due to the effects of the downturn in 2016, pricing was highly competitive, which resulted in projects such as the Brazeau Sports Park, Cynthia sewer and water rehabilitation and NW Trail (combined project with Town of Drayton Valley) significantly coming in under budget.

In April 2016, Council approved ADM-18 Clean Energy and Climate Action Policy which paved the way for the following initiatives:

• Solar Photovoltaic (PV) projects were underway in 2016. These projects include Brazeau County Admin Buildings (244.9 KW), Lodgepole Fire Hall (9.3 KW) and Rocky Rapid Water Treatment Plant (RRWTP) (25.42 KW).

 • The County has made use of environmentally friendly dust control product on two of County roads. (RR63 and RR53).

• Creating greater awareness of energy efficiency initiatives and opportunities available to county residents.

The County has had great success in 2016 with Alberta Environment & Parks (AEP) in securing permits and obtaining operating licenses for County owned gravel pits. This allowed the County to extract and mine 181,045 tonnes of gravel in 2016 which will serve the County residents for the next 3-4 years.

Inter-municipal collaboration with our adjacent municipality the Town of Drayton Valley, yielded the following benefits and opportunities:

• Capitalized on preparing a Joint Tender for the following works, which included salt & sand supply, dust control, line painting and the NW Trail Project. This resulted in capitalizing on economies of scale.

 • Revised agreements for snow plowing (County and Town of Drayton Valley roads) were completed.

Furthermore, Public Works & Infrastructure (PWI) Administration has aligned the County to be at the forefront of the Province’s upcoming initiatives pertaining to Asset Management practices and funding opportunities in 2017. Nine summer students were provided with an opportunity during summer to learn the operations of PWI field works namely; crack sealing, brushing, working in construction zone as flag person and gaining an understanding of safe work practices.

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