May 22, 2018
Brazeau County Enews
May-June 2018 (2017 Annual Report)

Corporate Services

Corporate Services is the money minder for Brazeau County, overseeing the annual budget process, payroll, taxation and assessment, accounts payable and receivable and financial management. But Corporate Services is about more than just dollars and cents. The department is the backbone of Brazeau County, providing support to all other departments in their daily functions with the ultimate goal of serving the public.

In addition to its financial function, Corporate Services also offers IT support, GIS/GPS and mapping services, record management, grants, and administrative and customer support through our front reception staff.

Customer service is the top priority of the department, whether serving members of the public or other departments within Brazeau County. Our front reception staff prides themselves on providing friendly, knowledgeable and efficient service to those who walk through the front door, or contact the County by telephone. Staff always strives to assist members of the public in connecting with the appropriate department to best answer their questions. To serve the public better, a member of the front reception team is available in person from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to answer the telephone and greet customers who come through the door.

As part of its major function within the County, Corporate Services worked with all departments to present a 2017 budget to Council based on maintaining municipal tax rates while continuing to offer the level of service residents have come to expect. At Council’s direction, our tax department implemented and oversaw a 30% municipal tax rebate for commercial business, which were still dealing with the challenges of the economy last year.

Our IT and GIS/GPS staff worked to launch our public webmap system, which allows the public access to aerial photography of the County with a variety of information and tools. The public can access the site to find assessment value, zoning, parcel size and roll number. Further tools can be used to measure, mark up and even print the desired property.

The year was once again a busy one for the Brazeau County Grants Coordinator. The position works with internal departments to secure grants for municipal projects, but also meets with and assists community groups in their search for grant funding from a variety of sources. In 2017 more than 36 community groups utilized the assistance of the coordinator.

To find out more about Corporate Services and its various functions and services, please visit the Corporate Services section on the Brazeau County website at hall/corporate-services, or feel free to contact us at 780-542-7777.

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