May 22, 2018
Brazeau County Enews
May-June 2018 (2017 Annual Report)

Public Works & Infrastructure

During 2017 Public Works and Infrastructure focused on several planning, agency approvals, innovative initiatives, and undertaking two major lagoon projects.

In keeping with Council’s Clean Energy and Climate Change Policy, the Breton Fire Hall was approved by Council to undertake a standalone solar photovoltaic (PV) install. Due for completion in June 2018.

Highlights and large projects undertaken in 2017 included but are not limited to:

• Reduced the use of calcium chloride dust control product and compensated various areas with the use of an environmentally friendly type dust control;

• Researched ecological and economical options for naturally treating waste water in sewage lagoons ranging from floating wetlands, reed bed filtration and several other natural systems and methods. In 2017 Council approved a pilot project to implement a floating wetland treatment system at Violet Grove sewage lagoon.

• Upgrading and expansion of Birchwood and Rocky Rapids lagoons; • Hamlet of Cynthia water, sewer and roads upgrade for Phase 1 was designed and tendered however, bid responses were limited with tender values being excessive. Council elected to carry the project into 2018.

• Relations with Alberta Environment & Parks continued to improve which further enhance the County's ability to crush 83,000 tonnes of gravel at the Petrie and Smithinsky pits. This volume produced is sufficient to serve the County’s gravel needs for the next 4 to 5 years.

• Several joint tenders relating to sand/salt, dust control and trail construction were formed with The Town of Drayton Valley. These initiatives form the building blocks to ensure the aspects of integrated development between the County and Town are taking root and hold well to produce continued positive working relationship between the two Councils.

PWI continued to rely on summer students and local contractors to assist in areas of crack sealing, brushing, slope remediation and culvert restoration. 

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