November 17, 2017
Brazeau County Enews
November-December 2017

Snow Plow Program

Take the burden off your back! Brazeau County is happy to do a bit of the heavy lifting for you.
The Brazeau County Public Works Department is responsible for the removal of snow on all municipal roads. In addition to this compulsory service, a user-pay program to remove snow from private driveways has been in place for several years. This program excludes hamlets.
Residents must sign an agreement form available at the
Brazeau County office. An existing agreement may be
updated by phone. No private property will be entered
without a signed agreement.
The first clearing will be provided at no charge. All subsequent clearings will be at $60.00 /hour, or portion
thereof, with a minimum charge of $20.00. Residents
will be invoiced for such charges. It is Brazeau County’s
policy to discontinue services to accounts remaining
Driveway snow clearing does not involve custom snow
clearing of yards. It involves a pass in and out on the driveway.
If custom clearing is required, the resident should
make arrangements with private contractors.
The sign issued when an agreement is completed must be placed at the end of your driveway, numbers facing the road only when you require snow removal. At all other times, the sign should be turned so numbers are not visible or it should be removed. This will avoid unnecessary snow removal for which you will be charged.
Exemptions: Exemptions over and above the standard
one plowing at no cost is being offered to households
where an able-bodied individual (usually male) does not
reside on the premises. More specifically, this could apply to seniors (who live alone on the property), disabled or handicapped individuals, and widows who cannot carry out the work themselves. Individuals must sign the declaration stating their eligibility.
Emergency Access: Individuals who require emergency
access must make their own provisions. Main roads are
of a higher priority than private driveways and are a mandatory responsibility of this municipality. Private driveway maintenance will be of no value if major roadways are not passable for emergency vehicles.
Private Contractors: There are private contractors who
can be contacted regarding driveway maintenance. If you require immediate snow clearing of driveways, please contact one of these businesses.
If you have concerns or work requests related to snow
removal, the private driveway maintenance policy, or wish to discuss this subject in greater detail, please contact the Public Works Department at 780-542-7711.


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