Brazeau County owns and maintains four cemeteries and is committed to ensuring that each one remains a place of comfort, peace, and tranquility. Although the County maintains the cemetery grounds, the County is not responsible for the ongoing care of monuments.


County Cemetery Services:

Plot sales

Facilitating burials

Grounds maintenance

Administering monument permits

Record keeping


Cemetery Standards:

  • A single plot may contain 2 caskets and up to 4 urns
  • All burials require a burial permit or cremation certificate if applicable
  • Brazeau County does not sell or maintain monuments
  • Planting flowers, shrubs or trees on graves or within a cemetery is not permitted
  • Erecting fences, barriers and ground coverings on graves are not permitted
  • Any articles or flowers that become unsightly will be removed
  • All monument installations or repair work require a monument permit approval
  • Burials require minimum 48 hours notice
  • All full burials require a grave liner

A plot map is available here.

Directions to cemeteries is available here.

Current fees are found in the County Schedule of Fees

Forms: Monument Permit Application, Cemetery Services Contract


    • How many burials/cremations can a plot accommodate?
      • Plots can accommodate 2 caskets and up to 4 urns
    • Who regulates the cemetery business in Alberta?
      • The establishment and operation of cemeteries is regulated under Province of Alberta, primarily through the Cemeteries Act as well as Brazeau County Bylaw 1113-22. 
    • What are the County Cemetery hours of operation?
      • Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00 p.m. (closed weekends and statutory holidays)
    • How much does the average burial or cremation cost?
      • Each family has different needs and requests, working with a funeral service provider will assist in helping to have a better understanding of the options available and the costs associated to them.
    • Is a grave liner required?
      • Yes, all full burials require a grave liner
    • Does the County sell or maintain Monuments?
      • No. Although the County maintains the cemetery grounds, the County is not responsible for the ongoing care of monuments.
    • Does the County offer pre-arrangements?
      • No. Plots can be pre-purchased, however interment services are offered on a need basis only.
    • Can anyone be buried at County Cemeteries?
      • Yes, all religious and cultural backgrounds are welcome to be buried at County Cemeteries. We make every effort to support the burial practices and traditions of our clients, provided it is operationally feasible and does not impact employee or public safety.
    • Why are there so many rules at County Cemeteries?
      • The Alberta Cemeteries Act requires all cemetery operators to have written rules and regulations. These regulations detail how interment rights are sold, how they can be used, how services are provided, the types of monuments that are permitted, and address other operational considerations.