Women in Business Network

The purpose of the ‘Women in Business’ (WIB) network is to educate, motivate and celebrate the many female entrepreneurs, budding entrepreneurs and female business professionals in our community.

The goal behind this network is to bring women together to support each other, learn from each other, promote each other and ultimately act as champions to empower other females who are thinking about entrepreneurship or a certain profession as a career path.

Also, by promoting success and creating awareness amongst our youth, females graduating from high school or post-secondary, will be empowered to take the leap into the business world and/or working for themselves. 


Registration for the 2018 Women in Business Conference now open!

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  • Friday, October 12
    Welcome Reception, Registration & Vendor Marketplace
    5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
    Enjoy a casual networking reception while shopping at the Vendor Marketplace which features local entrepreneurs services and products! Check in at the registration desk so you don't have fuss in the morning.
    Saturday, October 13
    Breakfast & Registration
    7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
    Plenary Session
    9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
    ColorCode Personality Science will help you gain insights into how you tick, how to improve your relationship with anyone in life, gain an advantage at the office, or get to know yourself better.
    Concurrent Sessions: Choose a total of three concurrent sessions, one session from each time frame
    11:15 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., 1:45 p.m. - 3:00 p.m., and 3:15 p.m. - 4:15 p.m.
    Celebration of Success Awards Gala and Cocktail Reception
    6:30 p.m. 
    Celebration of Success Dinner
    7:00 p.m. 
    Awards Program
    8:15 p.m. 
  • Saturday, October 13
    11:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
    Women In Agriculture

    This session is for those making handmade goods or growing local foods. Understand consumer insights, trends, and marketing options to transform your marketing strategy.

    Cyber Security for Small Business

    Learn how to protect your business against scammers and cybercrime! Learn about email phishing, malware, and ransomware. Presented by Dennis Wong, Brazeau County.

    One-Page Business Plan

    Great businesses start with a good idea that solves a problem, but there's so much more involved! You will walk away with information about the things that are needed to start, sustain and build a strong business. Presented by Danielle Klooster, Senior Business Development Advisor from Catapult Entrepreneurs.

    Resilience, Maintaining Your Grit in Business and in Life

    The ability to bounce back from adversity is greatly enhanced when you have a deep understanding of who you really are. Using stories, scientific findings, and practical tools, Rena will show you how you can strengthen your sense of self and be on your own team, lady!  Do you want to be a girl with grit? This session is for you! Presented by Rena Rachar, Certified Coach.


    1:45 pm-3:00 pm


    SuperHost Training

    SuperHost offers quality customer service training for front-line employees. The session will introduce the principles of providing exceptional customer service. Learn about workplace communication, problem-solving, customer and employer expectations, and more.

    Increasing Horse Power In Your Head

    Take your leadership abilities to the next level by learning how to build more brain cells and new neural pathways! Benefits may include: Improved memory, ability to see things from many perspectives, increased ability to learn, improved decision-making skills, ability to get things done. Presented by Pat Vos, CEO of Intercon Messaging.

    Shut the Duck Up!

    How to take charge of thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back in life and in business. Identify the negative thoughts that are holding you back, question their validity and assess the truth - learn tools to change your mindset. Presented by Michelle Andrishak, Certified Business Coach.

    How to Create Connection and Meaning in the Workplace

    Wake up. Check Facebook. Emails. Text messages. Go to work. Get through the day. Come home. Cram as much as you can into the evening. Maybe make dinner. Maybe eat something on the run. Do the family thing. Go to bed. Catch up on texts and Facebook (procrastinate on emails). Wake up. REPEAT. Even though we have access to powerful tools of “connection” many people today are feeling isolated and STRESSED.

    In this interactive and introspective workshop Trisha will guide you through the common DISCONNECTIONS people face today and how these disconnections impact job-readiness, discretionary effort, attitude and safety in the workplace. In the second half of this session you will be guided through the development and discussion around PRACTICAL connection strategies you can bring back to your organization. Presented by Trisha Miltimore, International Speaker, Broadcaster and PASSION IGNITER inspiring others to reach SOUL CENTERED SUCCESS.


    3:15 P.M. TO 4:30 P.M.


    Social Media How To - Facebook and Instagram

    Facebook and Instagram are Social Media’s most valuable business platforms to reach your audience. Bring your phone fully charged to this session! Presented by Ashley Meadahl, Founder of Premier Event Management.

    Workplace Safety

    Pembina Crisis Connection Society has partnered with the Alberta Council for Women's Shelters and Occupational Health and Safety Specialist. This session will help local businesses understand what this entails, we facilitate awareness presentations. Topics covered will include: recognizing the signs of violence, appropriately helping employees who may also be victims of violence, protecting employees and the workplace at the same time, understanding new Employment Standards Code changes.

    Five Money Questions for Women

    Five Money Questions for Women shares a perspective on a process women can use to identify financial goals and set a strategy. Presented by Financial Advisor, Laurie Lainchbury at Edward Jones.

    How To Reach My Audience

    Learn about personal branding. Walk away with how to identify your brand, how to build your brand, protecting your branch and repairing a damaged brand. Presented by Katie Robertson of Grapevine Communications.

  • Eligibility requirements are that:

    • The nominee is a resident of Brazeau County or Town of Drayton Valley and that the business also operates in the County or Town.
    • That the nominee is at least 50 % owner of her business.
    • That the company is registered with the local Municipality within it operates.
    • That the company is in good standing with Canada Revenue Agency. 
    • That the nomination comes from their peers; no self-nominations.

    These requirements will be confirmed with all nominees when applications are received.


    Award Categories

    Client Service Award

    Consistently provides reliable, professional service in any sector i.e. retail, hospitality, professional services, etc. She prides herself on going above and beyond to meet clients’ or customers’ expectations.

    Home-Based Business Award

    Demonstrates the commitment and drive it takes to work from a home-operated setting. A home-based business that consistently operates with a high level of customer service and works towards growing her business through successful and innovative marketing.

    Innovation Award

    This award will be presented to a female entrepreneur who has adapted to change or utilized an innovative idea in order to become a successful business owner. This may have been achieved by applying better solutions to meet new requirements or current market needs; using technology to work smarter to produce better results or by providing training to her team that has increased skills capacity to meet the needs of a changing workplace.

    Start-Up Award

    Recognizing a female entrepreneur for outstanding accomplishments. This entrepreneur has been in business for no more than 5 years, has a profitable (or revenue generating) business, and is ready for the next stage of growth.  She has had an impact on the business community by introducing a new business, product or service to the area.

    Young Entrepreneur or Business Woman Award (under 35)

    A young woman, under the age of 35, who had demonstrated exceptional entrepreneurial skills in developing their own business, or as part of an existing organization.  She is in a management or supervisory role or part owner of a business with proven excellence in leadership, innovation and customer service.


    Grand Award of the Night:

    Entrepreneur or Business Woman of the Year

    Recognizing outstanding achievements of a leading female entrepreneur or business leader. This female has been a trail blazer in her industry and an inspiration to many. She’s commands respect and exudes professionalism with her contributions either as a business owner or senior executive making a significant economic impact on the local business community.


    Deadline for nominations: September 28, 2018


    Submit your nomination, in confidence, to:

    Wanda Compton

    Manager of Economic Development & Communications


    or drop off in-person or mail:

    Brazeau County Administration Building

    7401 Twp Rd 494

    Drayton Valley AB T7A 1R1


    Nomination form

  • Kandis holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Alberta, with a specialization in Chemical Engineering and is also certified as a Master Instructor and Adult Educator from NAIT. She is a registered Professional Engineer with the Association of  Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of
    Alberta (APEGA).
    Kandis has experience in diverse engineering and facilitation environments and is an energetic individual
    who over the years has developed strong leadership and public speaking skills.
    She is a facilitator with JUNA Consulting Inc. and is very excited to be a part of the JUNA team (since 2014) as she is able to share her leadership knowledge and skill set with a broader audience.
  • As Certified Business Coach and International Professional Speaker, Michelle Andrishak focuses on providing both clients and conference/workshop attendees with quick to learn and quick to use tools that when implemented, will have an extraordinarily positive impact on their businesses and lives.
    Michelle provides engaging, information packed and fun presentations and workshops that are guaranteed to inspire and educate your audience! With 20 years of hands-on entrepreneurial experience, she has successfully helped aspiring and established business owners to write solid business plans, land financing, navigate digital marketing and define their long-term plans.
    Michelle is also a consultant, engaging public speaker and super-connector, creating personal development and networking opportunities for clients – so they can grow themselves as well as their businesses.
    Her vibrant personality and contagious enthusiasm inspire people to move beyond their perceived limitations. She is a passionate, supportive mentor who will help you follow your dreams while keeping both feet firmly on the ground.
    Areas of speciality include:
    • Start up, Business Expansion, Marketing, Financial Management, Human Resource
    • Management, Universal Management Principles, Communications, Accounting, Business
    • Planning, Strategic Planning, Sourcing funds for business.
    Michelle is a Small Business Advisor with the Rural Alberta Business Centre. She holds a Double Major Business Degree in Accounting and Marketing Management and is a Certified Small Business Coach and Communications Consultant.
    Winner of Red Deer & District Foundation’s Woman of Excellence Award (2015), Customer Service Excellence Award Rocky Mountain House Chamber of Commerce (2015) and 2017 Winner of Canadian Biz Chicks Woman of Inspiration Award in the category of Boss Chicks Mentor.
  • As a leading Central Alberta Organizational Development Specialist, Danielle delivers planning, board-building, facilitation and other professional services. Danielle provides high impact, meaningful organizational capacity-building services and solutions to businesses, organizations and municipalities.

    As a communications and strategic management specialist, former municipal councillor and provincial candidate, Danielle has a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring to the business table, which helps businesses and organizations get the big picture and then boil it down to meaningful, actionable plans.

    Danielle joined Catapult Entrepreneurs, a central Alberta business incubator, as the Senior Business Development Advisor, when the program began in April of 2017. Through the incubator, she supports entrepreneurial success and sustainability in the incubator, launching new businesses into the market and foster regional economic growth.

    Danielle has worked closely with the Masquerade Ministries board over the last few years, and strongly supports its mandate and mission.


  • Laurie Lainchbury is married to Allen, has two grown children and three wonderful grandsons. Away from the office, she enjoys camping, gardening, traveling and participates annually in the DV100 bike race. Over the years Laurie has served on several boards within the community and supported numerous community organizations and events.

    Laurie has lived in Drayton Valley for 54 years with 41 of those working in the Financial Services Industry. She discovered early in her career that she loved what she did and developed many strong relationships both at work and within the community. Committed and driven to learn as much as she could to help others, Laurie has achieved a PFP designation and many certificates to elevate her expertise and enhance her advice and service to her clients including:  IFIC, CSC, CPH, LLQP and WME.

    Early 2016, Laurie joined Edward Jones, a highly respected investment firm. She is committed to help families build, organize, protect, enjoy and ultimately transfer their wealth. Edward Jones is the first physical IIROC licensed investment firm to open in Drayton Valley and Laurie was excited to move in February 23, 2017. Using a 5-step process, Laurie’s passion for planning continues to develop strong relationships with each client she provides service to.

  • Ashley Meadahl is the founder of Premiere Event Management & an award-winning Event Planner.
    She is a Social Media Speaker & teaches from experience as an Entrepreneur. She achieved success with one of her large events, selling out & generating over $70,000 in a rural area of Alberta, using Social Media Marketing.
    Ashley has worked with some of the top names in Canadian Business including Arlene Dickinson, Debbie Travis & Manjit Minhas, due to the success of events & Social Media skills.
  • Trisha Miltimore is an International Speaker, Broadcaster and PASSION IGNITER inspiring others to reach SOUL CENTRED SUCCESS. As a momma of four and multi-biz owner, Trish knows first hand the hardships and privileges of PURSUING YOUR PASSION including what it takes to ignite and maintain an attitude of success. 
    A curator of CURIOSITY + COURAGE Trisha teaches proven strategies to reach your goals and FLOURISH at the same time. Her down-to-earth style is refreshing. Her messages are clear, practical and transformational.
    A profound storyteller, Trisha empowers thousands to
    MANIFEST MOMENTUM via a BEAUTIFUL BOLD BLEND of inspiration & personal insights. Visit her digital home for all kinds of Soul Centred Success fun:  www.passionigniter.ca
  • Astrid Mitchell is a Consultant and Facilitator in the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelter’s Leading Change program. She is from Drayton Valley and works as an OH&S Consultant, primarily in the transportation industry. She has a diploma with distinction in Occupational Health and Safety from the University of Alberta Faculty of Extension and is an Alberta Motor Transport Association internal auditor.
  • Rena was trained and certified as a Life Coach with the Martha Beck Institute in 2011. Since then, she has continued her study of coaching models, most notably The Theory of Constraints and The Immunity to Change. In 2016 she earned a certification from the College of Divorce Coaches.

    She coaches in a variety of settings, ranging from success coaching in elementary classrooms to executive coaching in corporations. It is Rena’s belief that our lives don’t happen to us, but that we—through our thoughts and choices—happen to our lives. She helps her clients wake up to the patterns and beliefs that are unconsciously driving them, so they can get real about what’s in the way of them living the lives they desire; and once they know what’s holding them back, they can get going about the business of designing their lives with purpose and intention.

    Rena is unrelentingly curious about the brain science behind behavioural change. She combines scientific research, strategic coaching tools, active listening, and her natural curiosity to help her clients identify and then close the gap between where they are and where they aim to be, both in their professional and personal lives.

    Her love of learning, commitment to telling the truth, passion to help people reach their full potential, and ability to find humour in even the most painful of circumstances enable her to coach her clients with skill, honesty, energy, and compassion.

    To learn more about Rena, visit her at www.renarachar.com.

  • Learn about personal branding. Walk away with how to identify your brand, how to build your brand, protecting your branch and repairing a damaged brand. Presented by Katie Robertson of Grapevine Communications.
  • Pat Vos, CEO of Intercon Messaging, is celebrating 22 years in business, in Drayton Valley.  She is thrilled to have the opportunity to share some time with all the great attendees at the 2018 Women in Business conference.  Pat was honored to be named the 2016 Women in Business “Entrepreneur of the Year.”

    Pat loves life in this area, living in the county for many years before moving into town in January 2017.  Pat has participated on some boards, The Pembina Educational Consortium Board, The Board at Grant MacEwan College,  the Canadian Call Management Association, and currently the Drayton Valley Community Foundation.  She is passionate about building leaders, building leadership capacity, building community capacity and helping people realize their full potential. We all have untapped strengths just waiting to be expressed and put to work.

    Pat’s interests are travelling, downhill and nordic skiing, walking, and reading.

  • Dennis graduated from SAIT in 2005 with a diploma in Computer Technology and has been in involved in Information Technology for 13 years.
    The majority of that time has been in the Oil & Gas industry. His experience includes performing support, business analyst and project manager roles in various functional areas – Finance/Accounting, Land, Geoscience, Operations and more.
    Dennis is currently the IT Manager at Brazeau County.
  • Ramada by Wyndham Drayton Valley
    780-514-7861 or toll-free at 1-877-514-7861
    2051 50th Street, Drayton Valley, Alberta T7A 1S5
    Conference Room Rate - $109.00 plus applicable taxes
    Call the hotel directly and mention the Women in Business Conference rate when making reservations to ensure you receive a discount.