Permits and Information

Brazeau County issues development permits for some structures and uses on the lands within County boundaries. Please contact the Planning and Development Department at 780-542-777 to determine if a Development Permit is required. 

Obtaining a Development Permit prior to commencement ensures compliance with the County's Land Use Bylaw. 

The Planning & Development Department aims to work closely with landowners in helping to obtain appropriate permits. 

Click here for development permit application forms.


  • Within Brazeau County, development permits are available online or at the County office. Other permits such as building, plumbing, sewer, gas, heating and ventilation, and electrical are available through agencies that administer the Safety Codes Act. The best place to find out where to get a permit is by contacting Alberta Municipal Affairs or the County office. 

  • Development permits are required for most structures and uses of land. These include new buildings, additions, renovations, alterations, relocations, demolitions, or the change of use in an existing building as well as new businesses. 

    Brazeau County issues two types of Developments Permits:
    1. For the construction of a building – which includes new construction, sheds, decks, etc., as well as moving manufactured or modular homes on site, just to name a few. This application is also used for dugouts, sea cans, and other uses.

    2. For the operation of a business – this includes but is not limited to commercial, industrial and home occupations.

    NOTE: The Safety Codes Act requires all contractors and homeowners in Alberta obtain permits prior to starting any work on buildings covered by the Alberta Building Code in addition to a development permit as required by Brazeau County. 

  • The owner of the building has full responsibility for carrying out construction, or having construction carried out, in accordance with the requirements of:

    • the Safety Codes Act
    • regulations related to the Safety Codes Act;
    • the Alberta Building Code; and
    • the permit, including compliance with any special conditions required by the authority having jurisdiction

    Note: Neither the issuance of a permit, nor inspections made by the local authority, shall in any way relieve the owner from full responsibility.