Municipal Development Plan

What exactly is the MDP?

A Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is a long-term planning document that sets goals, identifies objectives and establishes policies that all come together to help guide future land use and development in the County. It will set a clear direction for how Brazeau County should grow in the coming years. 

Council has passed First Reading of the MDP but wants to consider options around how the County meets mandated agricultural preservation policies. 

You can view the new Municipal Development Plan here.

The MDP currently in effect is available here.

Click here for the Public Engagement Strategy.

Click here for the results of the Agricultural Preservation survey.




Phases of the MDP update:

Phase one is called “Setting the Stage”. In this phase, Brazeau County will launch the MDP update project and gather the groundwork for the project to build on. This includes background statistics, an initial survey asking residents the opportunities and challenges facing the County, and public events to share important information about the current MDP.

Phase two is called “Setting the Direction”. This phase we worked closely with the public to determine how the County should grow. Brazeau County conducted a survey to establish the future development of the community’s vision and hosted a variety of events that guided future land use and policy decisions. These were successful in gaining input and allowing all participants to be a mutual author in our upcoming new Municipal Development Plan.  

Phase three  is called “Sharing the Results”. This is the phase we are currently in! Brazeau County will present the proposed policy direction and show the public how the plan reflects the input that was gathered throughout the phases.  Sharing the results is where we collect all this information that we have gathered and turn it into our MDP Draft that will be presented to Council.  A public hearing will then be held to offer the public another opportunity to provide input.  

Phase four is called “Finalizing the Plan”. In this phase, Brazeau County will be bringing the final draft of the MDP for Council approval. A public hearing will then be held to offer the public another opportunity to provide input.

Photo Contest

Our Photo Contest was a success and thank you to all that entered and showcased their beautiful photography throughout Brazeau County.  Three top photos were voted for on our Facebook page and at our Charrette Event.  The winners were announced at the May 16th MDP Barbeque and here are your favorite top 3 picks:

Photo Contest Winner 1 - Ron Fraser

Photo Contest Winner 2 – Brooke Chambers 

Photo Contest Winner 3 – Kerri O’Shaughnessy



Thank you to everyone who completed our survey! The results from the survey can be found here.

Here is an example of one our survey questions:


Still have questions or want to find out more about this project? Contact the MDP Team:


Phone: 780-542-2667

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