Land Use Bylaw

The Land Use Bylaw divides the County into land use districts. The predominant land use district in Brazeau County is Agriculture. Approximately two-thirds of all the beef farms in the County are cow-calf operations. Agricultural land use policies provide land for extensive and intensive agricultural activities and other compatible uses.

Residential land use policy provides for well planned and orderly residential developments to house a growing community.

Hamlet land use policy recognizes the importance of rural settlement centers and endeavors to improve the quality of life of people that reside in these areas.

Land use policies help to diversify the economy by providing a long-term supply of strategically located Commercial and Industrial development sites. Policy provides for a variety of resource extraction activities including sand and gravel, peat moss, timber, and the oil and gas while protecting the environment and adjacent land uses.

Policies are also intended to prevent development in hazardous areas and preserve environmentally sensitive or significant areas. The County provides open space for parks, trails and outdoor recreation. In addition, policy protects heritage, historic, cultural and archaeological resources.

The County works with Town of Drayton Valley and Village of Breton to ensure that land use on the fringe is compatible.

Land Use Bylaw 1002-18 was given First Reading by Council on September 4, 2018. Bylaw 1002-18 repeals and replaces Land Use Bylaw 939-17. The purpose of this Land Use Bylaw update is to broaden the ability of Council’s authority relating to development standards set out in the LUB and carry out minor administrative changes.  

A copy of the repealed Land Use Bylaw 939-17 can be found here.

  • A LUB is an implementation tool that defines land use districts and development standards applicable to all lands within the County and helps to implement the vision established in the Municipal Development Plan.

    A LUB provides 'prescriptive' regulations that are legally enforceable.  The LUB regulates orderly growth and protects the community from conflicting land uses and unsafe developments.  It divides the municipality into appropriate land use districts according to land use type and intensity.  The LUB controls the use of land in a community, outlining such aspects as:

    • Location of varying types of land uses;
    • Location and size of development parcels and structures;
    • General development regulations for a variety of developments; and
    • Specific use related regulations for special use classes.
  • A MDP is a statutory document that provides a long term vision for the County and addresses issues such as land use, future growth nodes, economic development, social development, transportation and servicing.

    The policies established in the MDP are 'descriptive' in nature and guide the development and investment in the community by addressing issues such as:

    • Clarity of where new housing, commercial, recreational and industrial development is preferred;
    • What kind of services as well as social and physical infrastructure that are needed to achieve  the long term vision; and
    • Processes for development approvals.