Business Support Services Overview

  • Website Marketing
    Every business in the County may advertise their business on the Brazeau County Business Directory free of charge, located on the Brazeau County Website.

    Business Directory
    All  businesses in Brazeau County have the option of having their business represented in the online business directory. 

    Information Forwarding
    The Office of Economic Development receives information on a regular basis that could be of use to your business.  If a business subscribes to this service, then information is passed onto them via mail. Examples include, The Business Link Spring and Fall Courses and Brown Bag Seminars and courses, seminars and video conferencing business courses offered through Community Futures Capital Region in Stony Plain. 

    **Services Consent Forms are sent out on an annual basis to all the County businesses to give permission to have these services mentioned above provided to them.

    Business Assistance
    The Economic Development Manager is well connected with people in the many different levels and programs within the Provincial and Federal Government and is always available to help local businesses to find information or contacts that can help with their business activities.

    New Business Recognition Program
    Whenever a new business obtains a business development permit to open their business in Brazeau County, we like to recognize those businesses.  The Councillor in the division in which the business opens makes a presentation to the business and this presentation is photographed and published in our Business Newsletter and in the Brazeau County News.

    Brazeau Business Newsletter
    Every four months, the Economic Development Department prepares the Brazeau Business Newsletter which is mailed out to all the businesses in the County.  This informative newsletter is a way of communicating  the issues, opportunities and events that are beneficial to the businesses and is part of the Economic Development business retention program.