• Light rain in the region this morning and the hard work by fire crews has worked in our favour, however it was not enough to make a significant change in the situation to allow for re-entry.


  • We are deeply saddened to confirm that 4 homes have been lost due to this wildfire.
    • There has been significant fire activity in the area in the last 24 hours
    • Properties are still at risk
    • And we are still investigating further losses
    • We are in the process of notifying homeowners
  • The wildfire remains OUT OF CONTROL. There is no timeline for when this status is expected to change.
    • The evacuation order remains in effect for our area
    • Even with the change in weather and the rain, the fire has GROWN over 40% in the last 24 hours from 3500 hectares to 4970 hectares.  The risk to the public is still very high and it is NOT safe to re-enter the community at this time.
    • We are working tirelessly to contain the fire.
    • Do not approach the evacuation area for your own safety, to allow emergency responders to work.
    • We understand that there are rumors circulating that the community is safe and that you can return to the community. THIS IS FALSE and you will be turned away at the checkpoints that have been set up along the perimeter.


  • The evacuation order remains in effect for residents in the following area: from Township 480 North to Township 494 and Range Road 64 West to Range Road 90.  This includes the entire community of Drayton Valley. 


  • The area from Highway 39 North on the east side of the North Saskatchewan River is NOT part of the evacuation order.


  • An evacuation notice has been issued for residents located within Township Road 480 north to Highway 621 between Range Road 90 and Range Road 110.  Residents must be prepared to evacuate within 30 minutes


  • We encourage all evacuees from Drayton Valley and Brazeau County to register
    • this will allow us to share important messaging with you. 
    • This will also allow us to have an understanding on how many evacuees there are.
    • You can register by calling 780-542-7777 or at
    • So far 71% of evacuees have registered


  • There is no re-entry to businesses within the town of Drayton Valley at this time
  • Emergency access situations will be assessed on a case by case basis by calling 780-542-7777


For any oil and gas companies that require access to their sites to inspect critical infrastructure please call our information line at 780-542-7777:

We need the following information:

  • What type of facility and how many facilities that you need access to
  • Contact information of the people that need in
  • maps that show your normal access routes to these facilities.
  • We are working to allow access.


Volunteer/community support

  • We are grateful for the outpouring of support from the community, and all first responders and staff dealing with this incident appreciate the well wishes.  The preservation of life and protection of property are our first priorities, so we ask that you remain out of the evacuation area, and please call to offer resources as noted below.
    • Untracked and unapproved resources, volunteers and contractors in the incident scene put their own safety at risk, as well as the safety of our emergency responders. Uncoordinated activity hinders our emergency responders’ ability to effectively fight this fire.
    • If you have equipment and operators, or firefighting qualifications and certifications, please call 780-542-777 to share your information, so that you can be called upon if needed.