The wildfire remains OUT OF CONTROL. There is no timeline for when this status is expected to change.

We are working diligently to contain the fire with all available, appropriate resources. Please remain out of the evacuation area for your own safety, and to allow firefighters to work.

We understand that there are rumours circulating that the community is safe and that you can return to the community.  THIS IS FALSE and you will be turned away at the checkpoints that have been set up along the perimeter of the community.

A change in weather patterns could materially affect the current status of the fire.


We are grateful for the outpouring of support from the community, and all first responders and staff dealing with this incident appreciate the well wishes.

The preservation of life and protection of property are our first priorities, so we ask that you remain out of the evacuation area, and please call to offer resources as noted below.

Untracked and unapproved resources, volunteers and contractors in the incident scene put their own safety at risk, as well as the safety of our emergency responders. Uncoordinated activity hinders our emergency responders’ ability to effectively fight this fire.

If you have equipment and operators, or firefighting qualifications and certifications, please call 780-542-7777 to share your information, so that you can be called upon if needed.