Assessors to begin re-inspection week of March 13th

Brazeau County has contracted Accurate Assessment Group to conducts its general assessment. As part of that contract, assessors have started the re-inspection process. Each year approximately ¼ of the County is re-inspected by assessors. For 2023 assessors will be re-inspecting properties around the Drayton Valley boundary (Division 3) and the majority of Division 4. A re-inspection map can be found online at

Please be aware that assessors will also be conducting inspections throughout the County, pertaining to development permits, subdivisions and incomplete structures.

Assessors will be easily identifiable, as they will be carrying identification tags and will be driving Brazeau County marked vehicles.

 If no one is present when the assessor visits your property, a call back card will be left. The County requests your co-operation in returning calls and providing the assessors with the necessary information.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Tax and Assessment Coordinator at 780-542-7777.