New Violet Grove Lagoon Solar Array Latest Addition to Brazeau County’s Green Power Initiative

BRAZEAU COUNTY, December 7, 2021 — During the summer of 2021, Brazeau County completed the installation of a new solar system at the Violet Grove Lagoon.


The 64 solar panels generate enough power to run the aeration system for the innovative Constructed Floating Wetlands over the lagoon, and supply power to the transfer station. This new system is in addition to over 900 solar panels installed in 2016/17 at the Breton Fire Hall, Lodgepole Fire Hall, the Rocky Rapids Water Treatment Plant, and the County Administration building.


“Brazeau County is taking action to protect our environment and air,” says Reeve Bart Guyon. “Combined, these projects will offset almost 150 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually, which helps reduce the County’s carbon footprint.”

The five solar systems together generate almost 298,800-kilowatt hours each year, with about 34,100-kilowatt hours/year expected from the new Violet Grove solar system. Funding for the project will come in part from Municipal Climate Change Action Centre’s (MCCAC) Alberta Municipal Solar Program.

Fast facts

  • The entire solar array consists of 64 solar PV modules and has a maximum capacity of 28.8 kW DC.
  • The system will produce enough electricity to aerate both lagoon cells and the transfer station for the Hamlet of Violet Grove.
  • The five systems combined will generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of 25 average homes, offsetting about 150 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually.
    • Enough CO2 reduction from the environment equivalent to 3,496 new trees, and
    • Enough to take the equivalent of 46 passenger vehicles driven for a year off the road.