Mountain Pine Beetle Verbenone pouches available

Brazeau County has a limited number of Verbenone pouches available for Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB) defense. Contact Nancy Chambers at 780-542-7777 to reserve yours today! Pouches will be available for pick up at the County office starting June 18, 2021.
Verbenone is a synthetically produced anti-aggregation pheromone used to protect pine trees from MPB attack. It is packaged in small plastic pouches that can be affixed to susceptible pine trees. It gives a message to potential beetles telling them the “tree is full” so move on to another area!
It has found to be effective in protecting high valued trees over a relatively small area when beetle population pressure is low to moderate. However, if 15% or more of the stand is currently infested and those trees cannot be controlled prior to beetle flight, Verbenone is not recommended.
Pouches must be deployed prior to beetle flight (end of June), and should be placed on the north side of the tree to be protected, at a maximum reach from the ground. Spacing of pouches is generally 4 to 5 meters from the tree to be protected.
More information is available in the Verbenone Use Guidelines.