Roadside Vegetation Program and No Spray Agreements

Roadside Vegetation Control Program


Brazeau County Agricultural Services Division will be carrying out roadside spraying of prohibited noxious, noxious weeds and woody vegetation (brush) throughout the County from May to October.  For public safety, a buffer zone will be maintained between these roadside spray areas and county residences/yard sites.


As per our Vegetation Management policy, spraying on roadsides is done under the authority of Alberta’s Weed Control Act.  Brazeau County is required to control the weeds in the roadside just like any other landowner is on privately owned land.  As well, in the public interest of safety, brush control is performed to increase the sightlines on roadways and intersections.  As a result, costs of maintaining these open roadways are reduced where brush and trees are managed properly as it makes snow removal easier and allows roads to dry out quicker after precipitation falls.


The following programs related to herbicide use are available to residents:

  • Hawkweed Program (County staff will treat up to 5 acres infested with Hawkweed on private land at no cost)
  • Herbicide Rebate Program (the County will reimburse landowners 50% of the cost of herbicide used on the landowner’s property)
  • No Spray Agreement (the County will not use herbicides in the ditch adjacent to a landowner’s property; responsibility for weed control is assumed by the landowner)


For further information about any of the above mentioned programs, please visit or contact the Agricultural Services Division at (780) 542-7777.



Brazeau County property owners who do not wish to have roadside spraying performed adjacent to their property must enter into a No Spray agreement. In the agreement, the landowner consents to maintain the adjacent municipal right of way themselves, for the purpose of weed and brush control without herbicides, in compliance with the Alberta Weed Control Act. For highway right of ways, the landowners must contact Alberta Transportation if they do not want herbicides applied to the area adjacent to their property.


To enter into a No Spray agreement with the County, please fill out an application form by visiting the Brazeau County office or visiting Agreements must be renewed annually.


Deadline to apply for the program is May 1st, 2021.

No late agreements will be accepted.