Brazeau County 2020 Final Budget Helps Ratepayers During COVID-19 Pandemic

BRAZEAU COUNTY, APRIL 23, 2019 — Brazeau County is keeping its commitment to put residents first by extending a tax rebate to even more ratepayers.
A 30 per cent rebate will be applied to all residential and commercial municipal taxes in 2020 if paid by June 30, 2020, building on a rebate offered to commercial properties for the past four years, and a 30 per cent reduction of residential taxes since 2015.
“We’ve always had a citizens-first philosophy, and during this pandemic, we’ve left no stone unturned looking for ways to reduce the expense to ratepayers,” says Reeve Bart Guyon. “Through the hard work of Council, we’ve found ways to provide an additional 30% rebate on residential taxes, and continue our support for the commercial sector. This includes Council reducing our compensation by 10% for the rest of the year.”
The 2020 final budget maintains zero or minimal fees for permits and services, maintains service levels, and invests $11 million in capital projects, which support jobs and the local economy. Major projects include:
  • Construction of a new 3.21-kilometre road (Township Road 484) between Range Roads 54 and 60
  • Completion of Cynthia Area 3 works – replacement of underground infrastructure and one kilometre of new pavement
  • Widening and re-grading of Range Road 83 (5.25 kilometres)
  • Repair of roads in Poplar Ridge and the addition of a new access to mobile home park (2.5 kilometres of pavement)
Ratepayers have the right to defer payment of taxes until July 31 with no penalties, but the rebate will not apply after tax due date of June 30. Earlier this month, Council deferred the requirement to pay water and sewer utility payments for 90 days without late fees or administrative charges, and to allow any balance after those 90 days to be paid in installments over the last six bills of 2020 without penalty.
For more information on the budget, please contact Chief Administrative Officer Jocelyn Whaley at 780-542-7777 or