Drayton Valley RCMP Information Update


In the last 24 hours there has been some changes to our protocols, with the most recent being a reduction of public hours from 0900-1500.


After some review, and a confirmed exposure in another Detachment, it has been decided that the Drayton Valley RCMP will be closed to the Public until further notice.  All non-essential matters will be screened using our exterior phone, and if required, will be let in and out of the Detachment for service.  Anyone who is sick or has symptoms of sickness is requested to not attend the Detachment. 


All Police Matters which require police attendance and 911 calls for service will be completed as per usual.  What this means is that the Police will respond to calls of a criminal nature and no reduction of service will be made in that area.  The community will still be under the protection of the Police and if people need help we will respond.  However, all non essential matters will be triaged for response and whether there is an immediate need to attend the Detachment.  This temporary measure will be assessed by need on a daily basis, and with consultation with the community representatives we serve.   


Should you have questions or concerns regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact the Drayton Valley Detachment at (780) 542-4457 and we can direct you accordingly. 


Office Hours

Effective immediately, we will be reducing our public hours to 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.  This is to limit our exposure to clients and protect our employees.  It is requested that anyone with symptoms of a cough or cold refrain from attending the Detachment, and follow protocols as set out by Alberta Health. 


Front Counter

Only two members of the public will be allowed in the foyer at a time. One waiting and one at the counter. All others will be told they will have to wait outside or in their vehicles until the foyer empties. This follows the WHO recommendation of two metres of personal distance.  A sign will be put up advising this. 



CR/VS Checks

The Drayton Valley Detachment will not perform CR/VS checks for volunteering or pardons with the exception of those volunteering in health facilities, until the crisis has passed. A letter from the health authority must accompany these requests. All other categories of checks/fingerprints will continue for the time being.


Vulnerable Employees

Drayton Valley Detachment employees over the age of 60 or with chronic illness/auto-immune will work from their desks and not engage with the public. 



Court clerks will not be attending the courthouse for docket or trials.

Detachment Clerks who are not in the high-risk category may attend the courthouse to deliver bail money.

VSU employees will also avoid attending docket.


Reduction of non-essential services.

School visits, public appearances, check stops, etc. will all be put on hold until further notice.  Calls for service where Police Presence is required will continue to occur to keep the community safe.  Calls will be triaged to ensure a safe and prompt response, and to ensure resources are best deployed according to need.