Rural Municipalities Overwhelmingly Support Brazeau County’s Bighorn Country Resolution

Rural Municipalities Overwhelmingly Support Brazeau County’s Bighorn Country Resolution


BRAZEAU COUNTY, March 22, 2019 — Brazeau County Council is proud and thankful that 94 per cent of delegates at the spring Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA) convention voted in favour Wednesday of Brazeau County’s resolution calling for better consultation on the Bighorn Country proposal.


“This resolution would not have happened without the support of our rural colleagues in our region and across Alberta,” says Reeve Bart Guyon. “We are very grateful to have their endorsement on this important issue.”


The resolution, passed in January by the RMA’s Pembina Zone board reads: THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA) urge the Province of Alberta to put the Bighorn Country Proposal on hold until an inclusive and comprehensive consultation process that includes and respects First Nations, municipalities, stakeholder groups and residents of Alberta can be developed.”


“As the provincial government announced this proposal just after the fall RMA Convention, it is fitting that at the next meeting of more than 600 rural elected officials, we called for this project to be put on hold,” says Reeve Guyon. “Since November, government consultation has been inadequate, and has not had important voices at the table. Also since November, Brazeau County has opposed this proposal, called for better consultation, and has delivered more than 100 questions to the Minister of Environment. These questions are still unanswered.


“We’re grateful for the interest, engagement, and effort of our residents to be informed, ask questions, and make their voices heard. And because of that effort, now virtually all of rural Alberta is speaking with one voice. We call upon the provincial government to listen to this voice, and put the Bighorn Country proposal on hold.”