Brazeau County to Remain Vigilant and Active on Bighorn Country Proposal

Brazeau County to Remain Vigilant and Active on Bighorn Country Proposal


BRAZEAU COUNTY, February 19, 2019 — With the closure of the public consultation period for the Government of Alberta’s Bighorn Country Proposal on February 15th, Brazeau County Council would like to assure residents that it will continue to be engaged on the issue, even as Albertans must wait for further action from the provincial government.


“We are very proud of the work we have done to ask questions, to facilitate a forum where our residents could be heard, and to bring other municipalities on board with our opposition to the Bighorn Country Proposal,” says Reeve Bart Guyon. “Even though we’re now in a holding pattern as we wait for the government to announce what changes, if any, it will make to the proposal as a result of public feedback, we will continue to closely monitor any developments on this issue, and we will continue to insist Brazeau County be heard and have a seat at the table.”


The County’s most recent actions have included an additional letter to Environment and Parks Minister Shannon Phillips insisting that the municipality have a role in proposed stakeholder sessions on the Bighorn Country Proposal, and the delivery by members of Council of more than 900 letters to the legislature February 14th. A full list of Brazeau County actions is attached to this release.


“I would like to thank County residents for their letters, their questions, and their respectful and engaged participation in our January 16th session,” Guyon says. “Council is committed to remaining your voice against this proposal, which is bad news for Brazeau County.”




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Chief Administrative Officer





Brazeau County Actions on Bighorn Country Proposal - Chronology





  • November 23: Province announces Bighorn Country Proposal
  • November 26: Council passes the following motion: “Moved by M. Gressler that Council oppose the Bighorn Country Tourism proposal as presented by the Minister.”
  • December 19: Open Letter sent to Premier Notley and form letter made available for residents
  • January 14: RMA Pembina Zone Board passes the following motion: “THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA) urge the Province of Alberta to put the Bighorn Country Proposal on hold until an inclusive and comprehensive consultation process that includes and respects First Nations, municipalities, stakeholder groups and residents of Alberta can be developed”
  • January 16: Brazeau County hosts public input session
  • January 25: Transmission of letter and 100+ questions to Minister Phillips
  • February 1: Members of Council attend government public input session in Drayton Valley
  • February 6: Letter to Minister Phillips requesting responses to questions from January 25 and asking to be invited to proposed stakeholder invite-only sessions
  • February 14: Hand delivery of residents’ letters to the legislature