Brazeau County Declares State of Agricultural Disaster

Brazeau County Declares a State of Agricultural Disaster


Drayton Valley, Alberta, November 2, 2016 – During the November 1st Brazeau County Council meeting, Council unanimously voted to declare a State of Agricultural Disaster due to the hardship that weather conditions, specifically, excessive and persistent precipitation have placed on local farmers.

“These extremely wet conditions over the past few months have resulted in very low crop harvest across Brazeau County,” said Reeve Bart Guyon. “We understand the hardship our Agricultural Sector is facing and will provide all means of support possible. By declaring a state of agricultural disaster, we hope to call attention to this extremely important issue. Farmers feed families, let’s support them.”

Approximately 75% of unharvested cereals in the region, remain standing. Further to this, 84% of the unharvested spring wheat, 64% of the unharvested barley and 79% of the unharvested oats are classified as standing, according to the most recent Alberta Crop Report.

Brazeau County will notify provincial and federal government officials of the state of Agricultural Disaster and request a disaster recovery program be set up to address this issue.

In order to track specific areas of agricultural disaster in Brazeau County, residents who are experiencing agricultural hardship are encouraged to notify the County at 780-542-7777.